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Title: Recycling Program for Electronic Materials

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Vote to pass a bill that establishes a recycling program for certain devices including electronic materials.


-Defines "Department" as the Department of Environmental Protection of the Commonwealth (Sec. 102). -Defines "Covered Device" as a covered computer device and covered television device marketed and intended for use by a consumer (Sec. 102). -Specifies that no manufacturer or retailer, starting 12 months after the enactment of this act, may sell a covered device unless the brand is included on a list of registered manufacturers and their brand is maintained by the department (Sec. 302). -Specifies that no later than six months after the effective date of this section, the department shall maintain a list of each registered manufacturer, the brands of all covered devices reported in each manufacturer's registration and the brands of covered devices for which no manufacturer has registered and post the list on the department's Internet website (Sec. 302). -Specifies that any national sales data submitted by a television manufacturer to the department to fulfill its obligations under this act shall be exempt from disclosure (Sec. 304). -Requires a manufacturer to establish, conduct and manage a plan to collect, transport and recycle a quantity of covered computer devices equal to the manufacturer's market share and that the plan be submitted to the department for review (Sec. 305). -Specifies that if the department rejects a manufacturer's recycling plan, the manufacturer has 30 days to revise and resubmit its plan for approval (Sec. 305). -Specifies that no manufacturer or retailer may charge a fee or cost to a consumer for the collection, transportation or recycling of a covered electronic device or a covered television device, unless a financial incentive of equal or greater value is provided to the consumer (Sec. 504). -Specifies that two years after the effective date of this section, no person may place in municipal solid waste a covered device or any of the components or subassemblies thereof, excluding any nonhazardous residuals produced during recycling in any solid waste disposal facility (Sec. 505). -Establishes the Electronic Materials Recycling Account in which manufacturer's registration fees, renewal fees, penalties and judicial actions are deposited (Sec. 505).

Title: Establishing a Recycling Program for Electronic Materials