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Title: Amends Utility Net Metering Requirements

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that revises the use of net metering systems, requiring the customer-generator to pay transmission and distribution charges.


  • Authorizes net metering systems to be interconnected using kilowatt-hour metering systems capable of registering the flow of electricity delivered to and from the utility (Sec.1).
  • Specifies that the utility shall credit the customer-generator for electricity received from the customer-generator (Sec. 1).
  • Specifies that the customer-generator shall pay the utility a monthly service, transmission, and distribution charge for electricity that is received from the utility (Sec. 1).
  • Specifies that the value of the customer-generator's electricity is equal to the value of the utility's electricity, excluding transmission and ancillary costs (Sec. 1).

Title: Amends Utility Net Metering Requirements