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Title: Concealed Weapons Bill

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that makes it a misdemeanor offense to openly carry an unloaded handgun on one's person or within one's vehicle in public places.


  • Specifies that the penalties for carrying an unloaded handgun in public include a jail sentence of up to 1 year and a maximum fine of $1,000 (Sec. 15).
  • Exempts certain persons, organizations, and groups from being subject to the provisions of this bill related to the open carry of an unloaded handgun including, but not limited to, the following (Sec. 15):
    • A peace officer or retired peace officer that is authorized to carry a firearm;
    • A person who is making a lawful arrest;
    • A person who is licensed to engage in the business of manufacturing, importing, repairing, or dealing in firearms, while engaged in the lawful course of business;
    • Members of an authorized military or civil organization who are parading or rehearsing for a parade at the meeting place of the organization;
    • Members of any club or organization practicing shooting at an established shooting range;
    • Licensed hunters, while engaged in hunting or transporting the handgun when going to or returning from a hunting expedition; and
    • An authorized agent, employee, or participant of a motion picture, television production, or entertainment event, when the participant uses the handgun as part of that production.