SB 293 - Public Charter School Program Reform Bill - Maryland Key Vote


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Title: Public Charter School Program Reform Bill

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that allows a public charter school to reserve ten percent of its enrollment for children of parents applying to establish the school. The bill also prohibits the State Board from entering into additional contracts with a for-profit entity to operate restructured schools; requires public charter schools to submit applications to county boards by August 1 and those boards to reach decisions on them by December 1 each year. Additionally, the bill allows the State Board to waive the requirement that public charter school professional staff hold appropriate Maryland certification for individuals with expertise in a subject for which certification is not offered, allows public charter schools and its employees to discuss amendments to a bargaining agreement for submission and approval of the county board if it is in good faith and in the interest of the school and its employees. Also the bill establishes formula governing disbursements from county boards to public charter schools, delineates services to be provided by county boards to public charter schools, and requires county boards to provide or reimburse public charter schools for certain special education and student transportation servicies.