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Title: Prohibits Handheld Cellular Devices While Driving

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that prohibits drivers from using cellular telephones while driving.


  • Authorizes the use of hands-free wireless telecommunication devices while driving (Sec. 1).
  • Authorizes the use of handheld wireless telecommunication devices only in the following situations (Sec. 1):
    • Communicating in an emergency situation with 911 dispatcher, hospital, physician's office, school administrator, or emergency response personnel;
    • Reporting a traffic crash or criminal act;
    • Reporting a situation in which the individual's personal safety is threatened; and
    • Navigating using a global positioning system.
  • Establishes a fine of $125 for violating these provisions (Sec. 1).
  • Establishes that the fine is doubled if the person is involved in a crash at the time of the violation (Sec.1).
  • Prohibits the use of violations of these provisions as evidence of comparative negligence in any action to recover damages out of ownership or operation of a motor vehicle (Sec. 1).

Title: Prohibits Handheld Cellular Devices While Driving