H J Res 68 - Authorizes Limited Use of US Armed Forces in Libya - National Key Vote


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Title: Authorizes Limited Use of US Armed Forces in Libya

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a joint resolution that authorizes the limited use of the United States military in Libya for a period of 1 year.


  • Specifies that the authorization does not support the presence of American military members or units on the ground in Libya, subject to the following exceptions (Sec. 2):
    • If the presence is limited to the "immediate personal defense" of American government officials; or
    • If the presence is limited to rescuing members of NATO forces from "imminent danger".
  • Requires the President to consult with Congress and to provide reports and briefings regarding information including, but not limited to, the following (Sec. 3):
    • Descriptions of United States national security interests in Libya;
    • A statement of United States policy objectives in Libya, and a detailed plan to achieve them;
    • Assessments of potential successor governments in Libya; and
    • An explanation of the President's legal and constitutional rationale as to how the military operations in Libya conform to the War Powers Resolution.