HB 1 - 2015-2016 Budget - Louisiana Key Vote

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Title: 2015-2016 Budget

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that appropriates funds for fiscal year 2015-2016.


  • Reduces appropriations to Louisiana State University (LSU) health centers by the following amounts (Sec. 18):
    • From $171.09 million to $73.2 million for LSU New Orleans; and
    • From $134.9 million to $ 28.62 million for LSU Shreveport.
  • Reduces appropriations to the Health Care Services Division of the LSU Health Sciences Center from $131.02 million to $46.24 million (Sec. 18).
  • Authorizes the Commissioner of Administration to reduce appropriations to each department, with the following exceptions (Sec. 18):
    • Appropriations to health care;
    • Appropriations to the Department of Health and Hospitals;
    • Appropriations to higher education; and
    • Appropriations to the LSU Health Care Services Division.
  • Appropriates $615 million to the General Fund if certain tax bills are enacted into law (Sec. 18).