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Title: Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2015

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote on a motion to invoke cloture on a bill that amends energy policies.


  • Requires the Secretary of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy to conduct on-site technical assessments to identify opportunities for maximizing energy efficiency of the industrial process, minimizing waste, preventing pollution, and conserving natural resources (Sec. 1201). 
  • Authorizes the Secretary of Energy to immediately take action, after being notified by the president, to protect the bulk-power system from a cyber-security threat by requiring users of the bulk-power system to take actions the Secretary sees fit (Sec. 2001).
  • Requires the Secretary of Energy to issue a final decision on an application to export liquefied natural gas no later than 45 days after a review of the facilities is concluded (Sec. 2201).
  • Requires the Secretary to establish a program to promote “hybrid micro-grid systems” in “isolated communities” by considering the potential for renewable resources, including wind, solar, and hydropower (Sec. 2304).
  • Defines “hybrid micro-grid system” as a stand-alone electrical system that uses grid-scale energy storage and that is comprised of conventional generation and at least 1 alternative energy resource (Sec. 2304).
  • Defines “isolated community” as a community that is powered by a stand-alone electric generation and distribution system without a connection to a regional electric grid (Sec. 2304).