A 3009 - Establishes State Fiscal Plan - New York Key Vote


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Title: Establishes State Fiscal Plan

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that amends the state budget, which includes new appropriations for education and college tuition.



  • Authorizes partial payments of property taxes (Part F).

  • Revises veterans’ home assistance funding (Part J).

  • Establishes new eligibility criteria for receiving tax credits (Part Q).

  • Amends prepaid sales taxes on motor fuel and diesel motor fuel (Part UU).

  • Establishes excelsior research and development tax credits (Part YY).

  • Establishes a minority and women-owned business enterprise program (Part CCC).

  • Creates a part-time scholarship award program (Part KKK).

  • Revises funding for project costs undertaken by non-public schools (Part YYY).

  • Provides funds for supplemental educational services (Part YYY).

  • Establishes grants for hiring teachers and accommodating under-funded schools (Part YYY).

  • Establishes enhanced tuition assistance awards that reimburse students for their college expenses (Part III).

  • Establishes provisions for the how a university should appropriate revenue it gains from increased college tuition (Part III).

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