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HR 2936 - Resilient Federal Forests Act of 2017 - National Key Vote


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Title: Resilient Federal Forests Act of 2017

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that amends requirements for conducting salvage operations and reforestation activities after a catastrophic event.


  • Authorizes and establishes regulations for forest management activities such as timber extraction, replanting of various species, cutting roads and pathways through forests, and fire prevention (Sec. 201).
  • Requires agencies to submit a proposal to the Secretary of Agriculture before it can carry out any forest maintenance activity (Sec. 201).

  • Authorizes forest management activities without environmental review on up to 10,000 acres of land so long as the purpose of such activity is to (Sec. 111)

    • Address an insect or disease infestation;

    • Reduce hazardous fuel loads;

    • Protect municipal water source;

    • Maintain or enhance habitat;

    • Increase water yield; or

    • Produce timber.

  • Authorizes forest maintenance activities on up to 30,000 acres of land so long as such activities are carried out through a collaborative process with the Resource Advisory Committee or Community Wildfire Protection Plan (Sec. 111).

  • Specifies that no Endangered Species Act consultations are required if the proposed activities are determined “not likely” to adversely affect a listed species or critical habitat by the Secretary of Agriculture (Sec. 123).

  • Specifies that once a proposal for a forest maintenance activity is filed, an agency has a 60-day timeframe to complete any environmental review processes - 30 days for public comment, 15 days for filing an objection, and 15 days for the agency to respond to an objection (Sec. 201).

  • Specifies that if an endangered species consultation is requested by the Secretary of Agriculture, it must be completed within 90 days, and if the consultation is still inconclusive by that deadline, the activity in question is automatically considered in compliance and authorized to begin (Sec. 121).

  • Prohibits recovery of attorney’s fees or expenses for any plaintiff challenging a forest maintenance activity (Sec. 301).

  • Prohibits courts from issuing restraining orders, preliminary injunctions, or injunctions pending appeal related to forest maintenance activities (Sec. 203).