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Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that amends certain prison reform laws related to incentivized early release.


  • Appropriates $50 million to the Bureau of Prisons annually until 2023 for evidence-based recidivism reduction programs that focus on incentivized early release into a halfway house or home confinement, including, but not limited to (Title I, Sec. 101):
    • Academic classes and mentoring;

    • Classes on morals and ethics;

    • Substance abuse treatment; or

    • Vocational training.

  • Specifies that incarcerated individuals can earn 10 days of time credits for every 30 days of successful participation in evidence-based recidivism reduction programs that may be used toward their early release goals (Title I, Sec. 101).

  • Prohibits undocumented immigrants from earning time off credits for successful participation and completion of evidence-based recidivism reduction programs (Title I, Sec. 101).

  • Prohibits the use of arm and leg restraints on pregnant prisoners throughout the course of the pregnancy, labor, and postpartum recovery periods (Title III, Sec. 301).

  • Requires incarcerated individuals serve out their sentences at prison locations not further than 500 miles from the incarcerated individuals primary residence (Title IV, Sec. 401).