HB 1464 - Abortion Regulation - North Dakota Key Vote


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Title: Abortion Regulation

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that would enact several abortion-related amendments to the state Code.


-Provides for the publication of several informational materials addressing pregnancy assistance, adoption agencies, the anatomical characteristics of a two week old fetus, the legal obligations of the father, various methods and risks of abortion, and a video summarizing all of the above information [sec.2(1-2)]. -Requires minors to apply to juvenile court to obtain an abortion without parental consent [sec.3(2)]. -Classifies the intentional death of an unborn child/fetus as a class AA felony [sec.5(1)]. -Forbids any state agency from publishing materials which do not approve normal childbirth over abortion [sec.6(2)]. -Requires health insurance companies to charge an additional premium if they cover abortions [sec.7]. -Forbids distribution of birth control devices by school employees to students [sec.8(1)]. -Forbids mandatory participation by medical staff in an abortion procedure [sec.10].