HB 4668 - Prohibits Marijuana Infused Beer - Michigan Key Vote

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Title: Prohibits Marijuana Infused Beer

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that prohibits the making and sale of marijuana infused beer



  • Prohibits an individual from using or offering for use, possess, sell, or offer for sale marijuana-infused beer, wine, mixed wine drink, mixed spirit drink, or spirits (Sec. 914b).

  • Specifies that this restriction does not apply to a hospital that operates primarily for the purpose of conducting scientific research, a state institution conducting bona fide research, a private college or university conducting bona fide research, or a pharmaceutical company or biotechnology company conducting bona fide research (Sec. 914b).

  • Requires the commision to maintain a revolving fund derived from the money deposited to the credit of the commission with the state treasurer (Sec. 221).

  • Requires the fund to be used for replenishing, maintaining, warehousing, and distributing liquor stock throughout the state and for the administration of this act (Sec. 221).

  • Requires the commission to prepare and submit a monthly report containing an accounting of the revolving fund to the state treasurer and to the budget director (Sec. 221).

  • Requires the monthly report to include an itemized account of all money received and all expenditures made by the commission during the month covered in the report (Sec. 221).