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HB 1413 - Amends Regulations on Labor Unions - Missouri Key Vote


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Title: Amends Regulations on Labor Unions

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to concur with senate amendments and pass a bill that requires authorization for certain labor unions in regards to political donations and withholding earnings from paychecks.



  • Prohibits any sum from being withheld from the earnings of any public employee for the purposes of paying any portion of dues, agency shop fees, or any other fees paid by the members of a labor organization, or public employees who are non-members. except upon the annually written or election authorization of the member or non-member (Sec. 105.503).

  • Prohibits any labor organization to use or obtain any portion of dues, agency shop fees, or any other fees paid by members of the labor organization, or public employees who are non-members, to make contributions or expenditures, except with written or electronic authorization by the member received within the previous 12 months (Sec. 105.503).

  • Specifies that the term of any labor agreement, provision of a labor agreement, or extension of a labor agreement entered into after the effective date of this act cannot exceed a 3-year period, and any modification, extension, renewal, or any change to a labor agreement in effect as of the effective date will be considered a new labor agreement (Sec. 105.580).

  • Requires every labor organization to annually file a financial report signed by its president and treasurer with the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations to accurately disclose its financial condition and operations for its preceding fiscal year (Sec. 105.533).

  • Specifies that the above-mentioned report must contain a list of candidates, continuing committees, federal political action committees, non-profit organizations, and community organizations to which the labor organization contributed financial or in-kind assistance, and the dollar amount of such assistance (Sec. 105.533).

  • Specifies that the report must also contain the names and addresses of any continuing committees or federal political action committees with which the labor organization is affiliated or to which it provides contributions, the total amount of contributions to such committees, the candidates or causes to which such committees provided any financial assistance, and the amount provided to each such candidate or cause (Sec. 105.533).