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Title: Authorizes Sports Gambling

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that authorizes sports gambling.



  • Authorizes any town or local city to allow and regulate the operation of sports betting at sports book retail locations within the state of New Hampshire and specifies tiers for sports wagering as follows (Ch. 287-I):

    • Tier I sports wager means a sports wager placed before the start of the sport event and is determined solely on the final score;

    • Tier II sports wager means an in-play sports wager; and

    • Tier III sports wager means a sports wager that is neither a tier I or tier II wager.

  • Requires a town seeking to pass a sports betting ordinance to hold an annual town meeting in the city where a vote to place the question on the official ballot will be held (Ch. 287-I).

  • Requires the city council or alderman to hold a public hearing on the question at least 15 days but not more than 30 days before the question is to be voted on (Ch. 287-I).

  • Defines “Sports book” as the business of accepting wagers on any sports event by any system or method of wagering (Ch. 287-I).

  • Defines “Agent” as a party who is authorized by contract or agreement with the commission to conduct a sports book (Ch. 287-I).

  • Defines “Authorized sports bettor” as an individual 18 years of age or older who is physically present in the state of New Hampshire when placing a sports wager with the commission and is not a prohibited sports bettor (Ch. 287-I).

  • Defines “Commission” as the lottery commission (Ch. 287-I).

  • Defines “Prohibited sports bettor” as the following, including, but not limited to (Ch. 287-I):

    • Any member or employee of the commission and any spouse, child, sibling, or parent residing in the same household as the member of the commission;

    • Any principal or employee of any agent;

    • Any contractor or employee of an entity that conducts sports wagering in another jurisdiction;

    • Any amateur or professional athlete if the sports wager is based in whole or part on a sport or athletic event overseen by the athlete’s governing body; and

    • Any sports agent, owner, or employee of a team, player, umpire, referee, coach, of official of a sports governing body.

  • Establishes the Council for Responsible Gambling for the purpose of educating, preventing, and treating gambling related disorders within the state and specifies that members of the council shall not serve longer than 3 year terms (Ch. 338-B).