HR 4296 - Regulation of Semi-Automatic Assault Weapons - National Key Vote


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Title: Regulation of Semi-Automatic Assault Weapons

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that bans certain semiautomatic assault weapons.


  • Bans the manufacture, sale, or possession of nineteen semiautomatic assault weapons (SAW) and other firearms that carry similar characteristics.
  • Allows for the sale and possession of SAW if lawfully owned prior to the enactment of this bill.
  • Declares it illegal for an individual to sell SAW to another person who has not completed a form prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury.
  • Prohibits the sale or possession of large capacity ammunition feeding devices that contain more than ten rounds of ammunition.
  • States that provisions do not apply to the U.S. government and retired law enforcement officers who own SAW.
  • Terminations provisions ten years after enactment.