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Title: Antiterrorism bill

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that provides the government with increased leeway in investigating and prosecuting suspected terrorists and increases the penalties for attempting and executing terrorist acts.


  • Prohibits the financial or material support of any known terrorist organizations and sets the penalty for such support.
  • Directs the National Institute of Justice to conduct a study of handgun ammunition that is capable of penetrating current police body armor and report their findings to Congress within 6 months of passage of this bill.
  • Requires that all plastic explosives contain detection agents.
  • Increases the maximum penalties for acts which destroy or attempt to destroy government property with fire or explosives without causing personal injury to 25 years imprisonment, acts causing personal injury to 40 years imprisonment, and acts causing death to life imprisonment or the death penalty. 
  • Amends the appeals process for those facing capital punishment to include provisions requiring those in custody to file habeas corpus appeals within one year of their conviction, and limits acceptable grounds for filing a second appeal.
  • Increases the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) authority to access business and financial records when investigating suspected terrorist activities.