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SB 463 - Amends Election Laws - Georgia Key Vote


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Title: Amends Election Laws

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that amends election laws.



  • Specifies that the deadline to apply to register to vote before a runoff primary or any primary, election or runoff held in conjunction with each primary, shall be closed on the fifth Monday prior to the date of such run-off or primary (Sec. 3).

  • Specifies that if the fifth monday prior to the primary or runoff date is a legal holiday then registration shall be closed by the end of business hours the following business day (Sec. 3).

  • Requires the superintendent to reduce the precinct size of any previous election or runoff election where a precinct contained more than 2,000 electors who had to wait in line longer than 1 hour prior to voting, no later than 60 days prior to the next election (Sec. 5).

  • Authorizes an increase or decrease in voting booths or enclosures if after a thorough consideration of the type of election, expected turnout, and number of electors, it is determined that a different amount of equipment is needed (Sec. 8).

  • Prohibits any absentee ballot from being rejected on the grounds that the signature does not appear to be valid if the elector provided a photocopy identification with the absentee ballot (Sec. 11).