HB 1207 - Amends Regulations for Pharmacists - Indiana Key Vote

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Title: Amends Regulations for Pharmacists

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to adopt a conference report and pass a bill that amends regulations for pharmacists.



  • Prohibits the state employee plan or a pharmacy benefits manager from requiring pharmacies to collect a higher copayment for prescription drugs from covered individuals than pharmacies are allowed to retain (Sec 11). 

  • Authorizes pharmacists to dispense auto-injectable epinephrine without examining the individual if the following conditions are met (Sec 4):

    • The individual is at risk of experiencing anaphylaxis; 

    • The individual has completed the course on using auto-injectable epinephrine; 

    • The pharmacist provides instructions on how to properly administer the auto-injectable epinephrine; and

    • The pharmacist provides the individual with instructions to contact emergency medical services before or after using the administration.

  • Authorizes a prescriber to issue a prescription for a controlled substance in written, faxed, or oral form if there is a technological inability to issue a prescription electronically (Sec 8). 

  • Authorizes a prescriber to issue a prescription for a controlled substance if the prescriber reasonably determines that it would be impractical for the patient to obtain an electronic prescription in a timely manner (Sec 8). 

  • Requires pharmacists to honor prescriptions from advanced practice registered nurses and physician assistants (Sec 8).