HR 925 - Private Property Protection Act of 1995 - National Key Vote


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Title: Private Property Protection Act of 1995

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that requires federal compensation of private property owners when federal actions reduce the value of that property by 20 percent or more.


  • Authorizes property owners the option to sell their property to the Federal government, if the effected property's value decreased by at least 50 percent because of a federal action.
  • Requires the agency to give notice to effected property owners, detailing their rights and the procedures for obtaining compensation.
  • Requires property owners to make a written request for compensation within 180 days of receiving notice from the agency affecting the property.
  • Allows for negotiation between the agency and the landowner and allows for independent arbitration or civil action if an agreement on compensation is not reached with 180 days.
  • Subjects any compensation payments to the availability of appropriations.
  • Specifies that compensated property owners may not use their land for any other purpose unless the federal agency's action is canceled or the property owner refunds the amount of compensation.