S 8493 - Establishes the "New York State Police Body-Worn Cameras Program" - New York Key Vote

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Title: Establishes the "New York State Police Body-Worn Cameras Program"

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that establishes the "New York state police body-worn camera program."



  • Requires state police divisions to provide their officers body-worn cameras with sufficient storage capacity to record instances specified by this bill (Sec.1). 

  • Requires police officers to wear the body-worn cameras while on patrol to record events including, but not limited to (Sec.1):

    • All times in which an officer exits a patrol vehicle to interact with any person or situation;

    • All interactions with people suspected of criminal activity;

    • All interactions with an emotionally disturbed person;

    • All calls to crimes in progress;

    • All uses of force; 

    • All arrests;

    • All searches of persons or property; and 

    • All instances in which officers feel any imminent danger or the need to document their time on duty. 

  • Authorizes the attorney general to investigate any instances where body cameras fail to record any of these events (Sec.1).  

  • Specifies that body cameras may not record sensitive encounters, including but not limited to, speaking with a confidential informant or conducting a strip search (Sec. 1).

  • Requires state police divisions to preserve video and audio recordings generated by body-worn cameras (Sec.1).