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Title: Delivering for America Act

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that prohibits the US Postal Service (USPS) from making changes to operations from those that were in effect on January 1, 2020, establishes requirements for the processing of election mail, and provides additional funding for the Postal Service Fund.



  • Appropriates $25 billion to the Postal Service Fund (Sec. 3).

  • Prohibits USPS from implementing or approving any change to the operations or the level of service provided by the Postal Service from those in effect on January 1, 2020, that would reduce service performance or impede prompt, reliable, and efficient services, including any of the following (Sec. 2):

    • Any change in the nature of postal services which would generally affect the service on a nationwide or substantially nationwide basis; 

    • Any revision of service standards; 

    • Any closure or consolidation of any post office or facility, or any reduction of such office or facility hours; 

    • Any prohibition or restriction on the use of overtime or overtime pay to Postal Service officers or employees; 

    • Any change that would prevent the Postal Service from meeting its service standards or cause a decline in performance relative to those service standards; 

    • Any change that would have the effect of delaying, deferring, or curtailing mail, allowing for the non-delivery of mail to a delivery route, or increasing the volume of undelivered mail; 

    • Treating election mail as any class of mail other than first-class mail, regardless of whether such treatment requires payment of overtime pay to officers or employees of the Postal Service; 

    • Removing, decommissioning, or any other stoppage of mail sorting machines, other than for routine maintenance; 

    • Removing or eliminating any mail collection box that is available to the public; 

    • Enacting any rule, policy, or standard the purpose or effect of which would delay the delivery of mail to or from a government entity; or

    • Instituting any hiring freeze.

  • Requires USPS to reverse any initiative or action that is causing a delay in processing or delivery of the mail (Sec. 2).

  • Requires it to be a policy of USPS to include any imprinted indicia from the Postal Service that indicates the date of receipt on all election mail processed (Sec. 2).

  • Requires USPS to ensure, to the maximum extent possible, that election mail is processed and cleared from any postal facility on the same day it is received at such facility (Sec. 2).