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HB 5679 - Amends the Sex Offender Registry Act - Michigan Key Vote

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Title: Amends the Sex Offender Registry Act

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that amends the sex offender registry act.



  • Requires the individual to pay a $50 registration fee as follows (Sec. 6):

    • Upon initial registration;

    • Annually following each year of registration, and

    • The final fee is not to exceed $550

  • Requires the Department of Corrections to maintain a public internet website which includes the following information on the perpetrator (Sec. 8):

    • Legal name and alias;

    • Social security number;

    • Date of birth;

    • Place of residence;

    • Address of employer;

    • Telephone number;

    • Drivers license;

    • Copy of immigration documents;

    • Physical description;

    • Finger and palm prints;

    • The criminal offense;

    • Outstanding warrants;

    • DNA samples; and

    • Criminal history

  • Prohibits an individual from knowingly providing false or misleading information concerning registration, notice, or verification (Sec. 8).

  • Prohibits the adding the following information to the public internet website (Sec. 8):

    • The identity of the victim;

    • The victim’s social security number;

    • Arrests not resulting in conviction;

    • Travel or immigration document numbers;

    • The individual’s tier classification; and

    • The individual’s driver license number or state personal identification card number

  • Requires the Department to update the public internet website with new registrations, deletions from registrations, and address changes when changes are made to the law enforcement database (Sec. 8.6).

  • Authorizes the law enforcement database to be made available to a department post, local law enforcement agency, sheriff’s department, and the public (Sec. 8.7).