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Title: Expands Access to Medical Marijuana Licenses

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that expands access to medical marijuana licenses.


  • Requires the marijuana regulatory agency to issue a license to an applicant if all of the following conditions are met (Sec. 402-1):

    • The applicant submits a complete application;

    • The applicant pays both the nonrefundable application fee and the regulatory assessment established by the marijuana regulatory agency for the first operating year; and

    • The marijuana regulatory agency determines that the applicant is qualified to receive a license under this bill.

  • Establishes the following exceptions for ineligible applicants (Sec. 402.g):

    • The applicant is an elected officer of or employee of a federally recognized Indian tribe;

    • The applicant is an elected precinct delegate; or

    • The applicant is the spouse of a person who applies for a state operating license unless the spouse's position creates a conflict of interest or is within any of the following:

      • The marijuana regulatory agency; or

      • A regulatory body of a governmental unit in this state, another state, or the federal government that makes decisions regarding medical marijuana.

  • Defines "provisioning center" as a licensee that is a commercial entity located in this state that purchases marijuana from a grower or processor and sells, supplies, or provides

marijuana to registered qualifying patients, directly or through the patients' registered primary caregivers (Sec. 102.w).


  • Defines "state operating license" or "license" as a license that is issued under this bill that allows the licensee to operate as one of the following, specified in the license (Sec. 102.ff):

    • A grower;

    • A processor;

    • A secure transporter;

    • A provisioning center; or

    • A safety compliance center.

Title: Expands Access to Medical Marijuana Licenses