HR 2300 - Academic Achievement for All Act - National Key Vote


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Title: Academic Achievement for All Act

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that would implement a five-year pilot program allowing up to ten states to receive K-12 federal education funds in the form of block grants, in exchange for strict accountability and assessment systems.


  • Requires states wishing to participate in the program to submit a five-year education plan to the Secretary of Education to be considered for the pilot program.
  • Includes provisions relating to the following:
    • Uses of funds to improve student achievement;
    • An accountability system;
    • Performance goals and measures;
    • Student academic achievement data;
    • Fiscal responsibilities;
    • Civil rights;
    • Private school student and staff participation;
    • State financial participation; and
    • Annual reports.
  • Creates a pilot program that could be extended after a five-year probationary period, if the state meets 80 percent of its intended goals. Failure to comply would result in the state reverting to the previous program.