HR 2723 - Patient Protection bill - National Key Vote


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Title: Patient Protection bill

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that expands healthcare services for patients enrolled in managed care plans.


  • Allows patients to sue health care insurers if denial of medical service impacts their health negatively.
  • Calls for claims to be reviewed by external review boards and independent medical specialists to determine whether an insurer should have paid for a particular service and what compensation they may owe to the patient.
  • Grants patients the right to seek care locally if services offered by their insurer are not located nearby.
  • Requires that medical specialists, including obstetricians, pediatricians and gynecologists be included in health care plans.
  • Bars insurers from offering incentives to doctors and hospitals to deny care.
  • Protects insurers from lawsuits if they approved a procedure that a patient requested which resulted in an injury to the patient.
  • Requires insurers to allow patients to go to the nearest emergency facility, in case of an emergency, regardless of their coverage plan.