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Title: Rescinds the Governor's Ability to Close Schools During a Peacetime Emergency

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that rescinds the governor's ability to close schools during a peacetime emergency.



  • Authorizes the governor to ensure that a comprehensive emergency operations plan and emergency management program for the state are developed and maintained, and are integrated into and coordinated with the emergency plans of the federal government and of other states to the fullest possible extent (Sec. 1-2).

  • Authorizes the governor to make studies and surveys of the industries, resources, and facilities in this state as may be necessary to ascertain the capabilities of the state for emergency management and to plan for the most efficient emergency use of those industries, resources, and facilities (Sec. 1-4).

  • Authorizes the governor to enter into mutual aid agreements or cooperative agreements with other states, tribal authorities, and Canadian provinces, and coordinate mutual aid plans between political subdivisions of the state (Sec. 1-5).

  • Authorizes the governor to cooperate with the president and heads of the Armed Forces, the Emergency Management Agency and other appropriate federal officers and agencies, and with the officers and agencies of other states in matters pertaining to emergency management, including the direction and control of the following (Sec. 1-7):

    • Emergency preparedness drills and exercises;

    • Warnings and signals for drills or actual emergencies and the mechanical devices to be used in connection with them;

    • Shutting off water mains, gas mains, electric power connections, and the suspension of all other utility services;

    • The conduct of persons in the state, including entrance or exit from any stricken or threatened public place, occupancy of facilities, and the movement and cessation of movement of pedestrians, traffic, and all forms of transportation;

    • Public meetings or gatherings; and

    • The evacuation, reception, and sheltering of persons.

  • Authorizes the governor to alter by executive order the working hours, workdays, and work week of, and annual and sick leave provisions and payroll laws of the executive branch to minimize a disaster or emergency (Sec. 1-10).

  • Authorizes the governor to transfer the direction, personnel, or functions of state agencies to perform or facilitate response and recovery programs (Sec. 1-12)

  • Prohibits the governor from using any authority to order or authorize the commissioner of education to alter school schedules, curtail school activities, or order schools closed (Sec. 1.b).

Title: Rescinds the Governor's Ability to Close Schools During a Peacetime Emergency