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Title: Establishes the Tourism Capital Development Fund

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Title: Establishes the Tourism Capital Development Fund

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Vote to pass a bill that establishes the Tourism Capital Development Fund to provide financial backing for initiatives that could stimulate tourism.



  • Requires the innkeeper's board of managers to support and assist the Potawatomi Zoo in St. Joseph county in securing bonds for up to 20 years to pay costs of funding projects at the zoo (Sec. 1).

  • Requires that a tax be imposed on every individual in a county have a population of more than 250,000 but less than 270,000, if that individual is engaged in the business of renting or furnishing, for periods of less than 30 days, any room or rooms lodgings, or accommodations in any commercial hotel, motel, inn, tourist camp, or tourist cabin (Sec. 2).

  • Authorizes the county to issue an ordinance to increase this tax on individuals in the hospitality industry to not more than 8% after June 30th, 2021 (Sec. 2). 

  • Establishes a fund to invest money in the Morris Performing Arts Center that is to be financed from tax revenue and used to enhance the performing arts center (Sec. 6). 

  • Establishes tourism capital investment fund to finance projects that will boost tourism in St. Joseph county (Sec. 7). 

  • Requires the board of managers to establish an application system through which project creators or business owners can apply for investment money from the tourism capital investment fund (Sec. 7).

  • Requires the board of managers to establish a point scoring system to prioritize which projects get funding and how much based on the following criteria (Sec. 7) 

    •  A project's overall economic impact on the St. Joseph County community, including the project's ability to complement existing attractions or tourism opportunities;

    • The scale of a project;

    • The need for a particular project in St. Joseph County;

    • The established or estimated timeline of a project, including a proposed date that a project will be completed;

    • The potential for a project to provide sustainable and long term benefits;

    • The estimated number of annual visitors the project will bring to St. Joseph County;

    • Whether an applicant is a private-public partnership or a nonprofit organization; and

    • Any other information provided by an applicant or requested by the board of managers.


Title: Establishes the Tourism Capital Development Fund