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SB 257 - Prohibits Banning Family Gatherings During the Pandemic - Michigan Key Vote

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Title: Prohibits Banning Family Gatherings During the Pandemic

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that prohibits health officers from banning family gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic.



  • Specifies if an epidemic involves avian influenza or another virus or disease that is or may be spread by contact with animals, the department of agriculture and rural development shall cooperate with and assist the director in the director's response to the epidemic (Sec. 2253-2).

  • Prohibits the director of Public Health from issuing an emergency order that does any of the following (Sec. 2253-4):

    • Bans one or more family members from observing another family member participating in a qualified sporting event;

    • Bans in-person dining at the same table by 1 or more family members at a food service establishment; and

    • Restricts individuals from more than 1 household from gathering inside or outside of a private residence.

  • Classifies "qualified sporting event" as 1 or more of the following (Sec. 2253-5.d):

    • A sporting event carried on between 2 or more schools.

    • A collegiate sporting event sanctioned by a nationally recognized body.

    • A sporting event recognized by a local organization that is engaged in the development and active promotion of an athletic activity.

  • Authorizes a local health department or the Department of Health to provide for the involuntary detention and treatment of individuals with hazardous communicable disease (Sec. Sec. 2453-2).

Title: Prohibits Banning Family Gatherings During the Pandemic