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LD 2 - Requires the State Legislature to Assess the Racial Impact of Pending Legislation - Maine Key Vote


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Title: Requires the State Legislature to Assess the Racial Impact of Pending Legislation

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that requires the state legislature to assess the racial impact of pending legislation.



  • Defines "legislative committee" as a joint standing committee of the Legislature, a joint select committee of the Legislature, a task force, commission or council, or any other committee established by the Legislature and composed wholly or partly of Legislators to conduct legislative business (Sec. 1.A).

  • Defines "racial impact statement" as an assessment of the potential impact that legislation could have on historically disadvantaged racial populations (Sec. 1.B).

  • In making determinations, the Legislative Council will consider the following (Sec. 2-1):

    • What has been done in other states to accomplish the development and use of racial impact statements;

    • What data, analysis or other information is needed to produce a racial impact statement and what the best source of that data, analysis or other information is, such as, but not limited to, an executive branch department or agency;

    • Specific policy areas that would benefit from the use of racial impact statements, including, but not limited to, education; health care; employment, including wages; housing, including homeownership; and criminal justice and public safety;

    • The costs of implementing the use of racial impact statements, either on a limited basis, such as for certain committees, policy areas or instruments, such as committee or floor amendments, or for all joint standing committees and all legislation; and

    • Anything else the Legislative Council considers relevant.

  • Requires the Legislative Council analyze the following the determine the scope of pilot projects (Sec. 2-2):

    • Which joint standing committees will participate in the pilot project, which must be at least one but not more than;

    • What legislation, such as bills, committee amendments and floor amendments, will be subject to racial impact statement review;

    • What standards will be used to review legislation;

    • What resources or adjustments to the committee process will be needed to facilitate the inclusion of racial impact statements;

    • The cost required to implement such a pilot project;

    • Information or other resources needed to compile racial impact statements; and

    • Any other information relevant to the Legislative Council.

  • The following is required of a report created by pilot project committees (Sec. 2-3):

    • The number of pieces of legislation and the types of legislation for which racial impact statements were requested and used;

    • How the racial impact statements were obtained or developed;

    • The amount of time, both as an average and individually, needed to develop each racial impact statement; and

    • The cost, if any, to the joint standing committee from obtaining or developing racial impact statements.

Title: Requires the State Legislature to Assess the Racial Impact of Pending Legislation