HR 701 - Conservation and Reinvestment Act of 1999 - National Key Vote

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Title: Conservation and Reinvestment Act of 1999

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that would use approximately $45 billion in revenues from offshore drilling on the federally owned Outer Continental Shelf to fund land acquisition, conservation, and habitat protection programs over a period of fifteen years.


  • Requires that the Congressional Budget Office certify the following before any of the funding for this bill is distributed:
    • Congress is meeting goals to cancel all publicly held debt by 2013;
    • There is no on-budget deficit; and
    • Neither Social Security nor Medicare is likely to run a deficit within 5 years after enactment.
  • Prohibits federal government from purchasing private property unless the owner is willing to sell, or Congressional approval of that specific purchase is obtained.
  • $1 billion annually to 35 coastal states and territories, including those that border the Great Lakes, to mitigate the impact of offshore oil and gas activity.
  • $900 million to guarantee annual funds for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, to be split evenly between federal agencies and states, in order to conserve open lands.
  • $350 million annually for fish and wildlife conservation, restoration, and education programs.
  • $200 million annually for restoration of federal and Indian lands.
  • $150 million for conservation easements that facilitate the recovery of threatened and endangered species.
  • $125 million annually for continuing the provisions contained in the Urban Park and Recreation Recovery Act of 1978.
  • $100 million annually to the Historic Preservation Fund.
  • $100 million for farm protection programs.