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Title: Requires Voters to Present ID Before Casting a Ballot

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Vote to pass a bill that requires voters to present identification before casting a ballot.



  • Defines "applicant" as an individual applying for a driver's license, provisional license,​ restricted license, duplicate license, instruction permit, Minnesota identification card, voter​ identification card, or motorized bicycle operator's permit (Sec. 41-1-1).

  • Specifies if the voter maintains a residence in a residential facility located in the precinct, a​ driver's license or identification card issued to the voter by the Department of Public Safety​ that contains the voter's photograph along with a certification of residence in the facility,​ signed by the facility administrator on a form prescribed by the Secretary of State qualifies as proof of identity to vote (Sec. 13-7).​

  • Requires the official in charge of the absentee ballot board to mail the voter a written notice​ of absentee ballot rejection between six and ten weeks following the election. If the official​ determines that the voter has otherwise cast a ballot in the election, no notice is required.​ If an absentee ballot arrives after the deadline for submission provided by this chapter, the​ notice must be provided between six to ten weeks after receipt of the ballot. A notice of​ absentee ballot rejection must contain the following information (Sec. 21.d):​

    • The date on which the absentee ballot was rejected or, if the ballot was received after​ the required deadline for submission, the date on which the ballot was received;​

    • The reason for rejection; and​

    • The name of the appropriate election official to whom the voter may direct further​ questions, along with appropriate contact information.​

  • Specifies if you cannot provide the required proof of identity and residence, you have the right​ to register to vote and cast a provisional ballot (Sec. 24-4).​

  • Requires a judge to do the following before the applicant signs the roster or voter signature certificate (Sec. 25.c):

    • Require the voter to present proof of identity and residence; and

    • Confirm the applicant's name, address, and date of birth. An applicant​ who does not present proof of identity and residence must​ not sign the polling place roster or a voter signature certificate but must be allowed to cast​ a provisional ballot.

  • Requires a county auditor or municipal clerk to accept a provisional ballot if (Sec. 26-2.b):​

    • The statewide voter registration system indicates that the voter is registered and is​ eligible to vote or, if challenged, the county auditor or municipal clerk does not, based upon​ available records and any documentation presented by the voter, conclude that the voter is​ ineligible;​

    • The voter presents proof of identity and residence in the precinct or executes an affidavit; and​

    • The data on the identity and residence document presented by the voter matches the​ data provided by the voter on the provisional ballot envelope.​

  • Prohibits a county auditor or municipal clerk from accepting or counting a provisional ballot if​ the voter does not appear before the county auditor or municipal clerk within 7 calendar​ days following the election or if the voter does not satisfy the requirements (Sec. 26-2.f).

  • Prohibits a fee from being charged by the courts​ for a certified copy of a court order, decree, record, or other documents if the applicant attests​ that the record is needed to obtain a voter identification card (Sec. 35).

  • Authorizes a person to notify the commissioner in writing to the effect that the person (Sec. 41-9):

    • Is the​ owner of a residence; and

    • Does not consent to have that residence address identified on​ any driver's license or, identification card, voter identification card, or driving record of the​ department as the residence address or permanent mailing address of any person named in​ the notice.

Title: Requires Voters to Present ID Before Casting a Ballot