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Title: Authorizes To-Go Alcohol Sales

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to concur with House amendments and pass a bill that authorizes to-go alcohol sales for restaurants.



  • Authorizes a restaurant holding a valid alcoholic beverage permit to sell alcoholic beverages in a sealed container during legal operating hours directly to a consumer 21 years of age or older along with the purchase of a meal in the following ways (Sec. 2.a):

    • At the point of sale to be consumed off-premises;

    • At the drive-through to be consumed off-premises;

    • At the curbside to be consumed off-premises; or

    • Delivered to a consumer at a location off-premises.

  • Specifies this law does not apply to a (Sec. 2.d):

    • Private club; or

    • Restaurant located in a dry area.

  • Authorizes a permit holder to sell alcoholic beverages with the purchase of a meal under this law with limits to the following quantities per sale (Sec. 2.e):

    • 72 oz. of beer, malt beverages, or hard cider, or the equivalent of 1 standard six-pack;

    • 750 ml of wine, or the equivalent of 1 bottle; and

    • 32 oz. of spirituous liquors or the equivalent of 4 8oz. drinks.

  • Classifies “restaurant” as a public or private place that (Sec. 2.h-2):

    • Is kept, used, maintained, advertised, and held out to the public or to a private or restricted membership as a place where complete meals are actually and regularly served;

    • Provides adequate and sanitary kitchen and dining equipment;

    • Has a seating capacity of at least 25 persons;

    • Employs a sufficient number and variety of employees to prepare, cook, and serve suitable food for its guests or members;

    • Serves at least 1 meal per day; and

    • Is open a minimum of 5 days per week, except for holidays, vacations, and periods of redecorating.

  • Requires the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division to file the final rules with the Secretary of State for adoption (Sec. 3.a):

    • On or before January 1, 2022; or

    • If approval has not occurred by January 1, 2022, as soon as practicable after approval.