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Title: Establishes the Digital Inclusion Grant Program

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Title: Establishes the Digital Inclusion Grant Program

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to concur with Senate amendments and pass a bill that establishes the digital inclusion grant program, the broadband stimulus grant program, and the interconnectivity grant program.



  • Alleges the General Assembly finds that the development of fast, affordable, and accessible broadband internet service throughout the state will (Sec. 7.a):

    • Drive job creation;

    • Promote innovation;

    • Improve the economic vitality of various industries throughout the state and the state as a whole; and

    • Expand markets for colorado businesses.

  • Establishes the Colorado Broadband Office which will do the following (Sec. 7-24-37.5-903-3):

    • Encourage, foster, develop, and strive to improve the availability of affordable, quality broadband within the state;

    • Serve as the central broadband policy coordination body for the state;

    • Coordinate with other state agencies, local governments, the federal government, Indian tribes and nations, other relevant broadband partners, and consumers throughout the state to develop strategies and plans for promoting the deployment of broadband infrastructure and greater broadband access;

    • Review existing state broadband initiatives, policies, and deployment by public or private entities to prioritize investment; and

    • Develop and implement a statewide plan to encourage cost-effective broadband access and increased broadband usage, particularly in rural unserved areas and other unserved areas of the state.

  • Establishes the Digital Inclusion Grant Program to advance the state's digital inclusion priorities, which priorities include (Sec. 7-24-37.5-904-1.a):

    • Increasing broadband usage and access to broadband throughout the state;

    • Improving the reliability and availability of broadband on tribal lands;

    • Enhancing digital literacy; and

    • Making access to broadband more affordable.

  • Establishes the Broadband Stimulus Account to receive federal funds and consists of money the state received from the federal coronavirus state fiscal recovery fund created in the federal "American Rescue Plan Act of 2021" (Sec. 9).

  • Establishes the Interconnectivity Grant Program to do the following (Sec. 13-7.a):

    • Help the state government engage in regional planning among multiple local governments to:

      • Identify regional broadband infrastructure needs;

      • Determine optimal regional configurations of broadband infrastructure; and

      • Identify potential public-private partnerships to achieve optimal regional broadband deployment; and

    • Provide or enhance the network connection between communities, including the interconnection between community anchor institutions.

Title: Establishes the Digital Inclusion Grant Program

Title: Establishes the Digital Inclusion Grant Program