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Title: Protecting Our Democracy Act

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that addresses issues involving abuses of presidential powers, checks and balances, accountability, and transparency.



  • Requires the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the President to submit to Congress specified materials related to certain pardons (Division A, Title I, Sec. 102).

  • Prohibits self-pardons by the President (Division A, Title I, Sec. 104).

  • Repeals the statute of limitations for federal offenses committed by a sitting President or Vice President (Division A, Title II, Sec. 202).

  • Prohibits the acceptance of feoreign or domestic emoluments (Division A, Title III, Sec. 303).

  • Establishes provisions regarding the Office of Government Ethics and Office of Special Counsel Jurisdiction and enforcement authority (Division A, Title III, Sec. 308).

  • Authorizes specified actions to enforce congressional subpoenas (Division A, Title IV, Sec. 403).

  • Limits presidential declarations of emergencies (Division A, Title IV, Sec. 406).

  • Requires the DOJ to maintain a log of specified communications between it and the White House (Division A, Title V, Sec. 502).

  • Requires cause for removal of inspector generals and increases whistleblower protections (Division A, Title VIII, Sec. 802).

  • Requires a candidate for President or Vice President to submit to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) a copy of the individual's income tax returns for the 10 most recent taxable years (Division A, Title XII, Sec. 1201).

  • Establishes penalties for political appointees who engage in prohibited political activities (Division A, Title XIII, Sec. 1301).

  • Requires federal campaign reporting of foreign contacts (Division A, Title XIII, Sec. 1302).

  • Requires federal campaigns to establish a foreign contacts compliance policy (Division A, Title XIII, Sec. 1302).

  • Prohibits foreign donations to political campaigns and candidates of nonpublic information relating to a candidate (Division A, Title XIII, Sec. 1302).