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Title: National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that authorizes $839 billion in Fiscal Year 2023 appropriations for military activities and programs of the Department of Defense.



  • Authorizes Department of Defense (DOD) activities for Fiscal Year 2023, including, but not limited to the following, (Division A, Title I, Subtitle B, Sec. 111-113):

    • Modifications to various Air Force programs and procurement of various items including:

      • Destroyers; and

      • Aircraft.

    • Furnishing electric vehicle charging stations at commissary stores and military exchanges; and

    • Support for research and development of bioindustrial manufacturing processes.

  • Requires the DOD to carry out a pilot program to facilitate the transition of certain non-tactical vehicles to electric vehicles (Division A, Title III, Subtitle B, Sec. 314).

  • Requires the Army and the Navy to jointly carry out a pilot program to evaluate the feasibility of using data recorders to monitor the operation of military tactical vehicles (Division A, Title X, Subtitle F, Sec. 1079D).

  • Requires the branches of the Armed Forces notify Congress before taking certain actions regarding reserve units, including the deactivation or reassignment of such units (Division A, Title X, Subtitle C. Sec. 1028).

  • Requires the Army establish gender-neutral fitness standards for military occupational specialties that are higher than those for non-combat military occupational specialties (Division A, Title V, Subtitle B, Sec. 527).

  • Repeals the time limit for mandatory characterizations of administrative discharges of certain members on the basis of failure to receive the COVID-19 vaccine (Division A, Title V, Subtitle B, Sec. 525).

  • Requires the Government Accountability Office report to congress recommendations for improving the retention and recruitment of members who specialize in Army air and missile defense systems, and requires the Army to implement said recommendations (Division A, Title V, Subtitle B, Sec. 528).

  • Requires the Department of Homeland Security to designate a laboratory as the Chemical Security Analysis Center and provides statutory authority for an April 27, 2021 executive order raising the minimum wage for the employees of federal contractors (Division A, Title LVII, Subtitle A, Sec. 5702).

Title: National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023