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Title: Women's Health Protection Act of 2022

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that establishes the Women's Health Protection Act of 2022.



  • Prohibits federal, state, and local governmental restrictions on the provision of, and access to, abortion services (Sec. 4).

  • Specifies that federal, state, and local governments may not limit a providers ability to (Sec. 4):

    • Prescribe certain drugs;

    • Offer abortion services via telemedicine; or

    • Immediately provide abortion services when the provider determines a delay riks the patient’s health.

  • Prohibits federal, state, and local governments from requiring a provider (Sec. 4):

    • Prefrom unnecessary medical procedures;

    • Provide medically inaccurate information;

    • Comply with credintialing or other conditions that do not apply to providers whose services are medically comparable to abortions; or

    • Carry out all services connected to an abortion.

  • Prohibits federal, state, and local governments from doing the following, including (Sec. 4):

    • Requiring patients made medically unneccessary in-person visits before receiving abortion services or disclose their reasons for obtaining such services; or

    • Prohibiting abortion services before fetal viability or after fetal viablity when a provider determines the pregnancy risks the patients life or health.

  • Prohibits other governmental measures that are similar to the bill’s specified restrictions or that otherwise single out and impede access to abortion services, unless a government demonstrates that the measure significantly advances the safety of abortion services or health of patients and cannot be achieved through less restrictive means (Sec. 4).

  • Authorizes the Department of Justice (DoJ), individuals, and providers to bring a lawsuit to enforce this bill, and specifies that states are not immune from suits for violations (Sec. 4).

  • Specifies that this bill shall apply to restrictions imposes both prior and subsequent to the bill’s enactment (Sec. 5).