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Title: Expands Police Recruitment Efforts

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that expands police recruitment efforts.


  • Increases minimum salaries for sheriffs (Page 4).

  • Authorizes adoption benefits for police officers (Page 6).

  • Establishes Law Enforcement Recruitment Bonus Payment Program to aid in recruitment efforts (Page 9).

  • Authorizes one-time bonus for newly-employed officers (Page 9).

  • Establishes annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Day on May 1 (Page 12).

  • Requires police training relating to officer health, wellness, trauma (Page 14).

  • Authorizes public safety telecommunication training programs at high schools (Page 25).

  • Authorizes law enforcement explorer programs at schools (Page 26).

  • Establishes Law Enforcement Academy Scholarship Program (Page 30).