SB 2012 - Specifies Penalties for Littering - Tennessee Key Vote


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Title: Specifies Penalties for Littering

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to amend and pass a bill that specifies penalties for littering.


  • Defines “aggravated criminal littering” as “littering: “(1) In an amount exceeding ten pounds (10 lbs.) in weight or fifteen (15) cubic feet in volume; (2) In any amount for any commercial purpose; or (3) By knowingly placing, dropping, or throwing one (1) or more tires on any public or private property without permission and without immediately removing it” (Sec. 2).

  • Defines such littering as Class A misdemeanor if litter exceeds 100 pounds in weight or 30 cubic feet in volume (Sec. 2).

  • Defines certain littering acts as Class E felony (Sec. 2).

  • Establishes effective date of July 1, 2022 (Sec. 3).