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Title: Peace Corps Reauthorization Act of 2022

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that reauthorizes Peace Corps operations through fiscal year 2024.



  • Authorizes and amends operations of the Peace Corps through fiscal year 2024, including increasing readjustment allowance paid to volunteers when their service terminates (Sec. 2-3).

  • Establishes statutory authority for an executive order that grants returned volunteers noncompetitive eligibility for federal civil-service positions (Sec. 6).

  • Specifies that returning volunteers are entitled to 60 days of health care benefits, and requires the Peace Corps provide volunteers with information about enrolling in U.S. health plans before service termination and mental health care during and after service (Sec. 4).

  • Specifies policies to address involuntary termination of Peace Corps service in cases of emergency, including expediting re-enrollment of involuntary terminated volunteers (Sec. 11).

  • Requires the Peace Corps adequately insure volunteers’ safety and must coordiate with the Department of State to periodically update agreements concerning the security of Peace Corps volunteers and staff abroad (Sec. 13).

  • Authorizes the Peace Corps to recruit domestically based on volunteers to serve in the United States at the request of another agency or to provide services in a host country virtually (Sec. ).

  • Amends the Peace Corps National Advisory Counsil’s membership and functions (Sec. 10).

  • Expands whistleblower protections for volunteers (Sec. 8).

  • Increases the rate of pay that applies to a volunteer’s workers compensation claim (Sec. 16).

  • Requires the Peace Corps to implement a zero tolerance drug use policy regarding volunteer involvement with illegal drugs (Sec. 9).

  • Increases emphasis on the use of the internet in Peace Corps programs (Sec. 7).

  • Requires the reporting of general health, and specifically mental health services to volunteers (Sec. 15).