HB 1353 - Appropriates Funds for the 2022 State Budget - Mississippi Key Vote

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Title: Appropriates Funds for the 2022 State Budget

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to adopt a conference report that appropriates funds for the 2022 state fiscal budget.



  • Appropriates funding to the following Mississippi state funds (Sec. 1-19):

    • IHL Capital Improvements Fund;

    • Community and Junior Colleges Capital Improvements Fund;

    • State Agencies Capital Improvements Fund;

    • Department of Finance and Administration Statewide Repair and Renovation Fund;

    • Local Governments and Rural Water Systems Improvements Revolving Loan Fund;

    • Mississippi Community Heritage Preservation Grant Fund;

    • Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund;

    • Mississippi Dam Safety Fund;

    • Tate County - Erosion Control and Repair Fund;

    • ACE Fund;

    • Mississippi Site Development Grant Fund;

    • Mississippi Business Investment Fund;

    • Mississippi Major Economic Impact Authority Fund;

    • Economic Development Highway Fund;

    • Mississippi Industry Incentive Financing Revolving Fund;

    • Mississippi Main Street Investment Grant Fund; and

    • Local Improvements Projects Fund.

  • Appropriates funds to universities for projects related to capital improvements, renovation or repair of existing facilities, furnishings and/or equipping facilities for public facilities (Sec. 20).

  • Establishes special funds within the State Treasury (Sec. 21-28).

  • Specifies that this act shall take effect on July 1, 2022 (Sec. 30).

Title: Appropriates Funds for the 2022 State Budget

Title: Appropriates Funds for the 2022 State Budget