S Con Res 18 - Budget FY2006 Appropriations Resolution - National Key Vote

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Title: Budget FY2006 Appropriations Resolution

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to adopt a concurrent resolution that would establish the US Congressional budget for Fiscal Year 2006 and projects over the next four years.


  • Budgets $2.6 trillion over the next five years (Sec. 101).
  • Allocates $848.8 billion in discretionary expenditures for fiscal 2006, including $488.9 billion for defense related expenditures and $404.4 for non-defense related expenses (Sec. 103).
  • Boosts Department of Defense spending by $18 billion from fiscal year 2005 (Sec. 103).
  • Appropriates $50 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan operations for FY 2006 (Sec. 103).
  • Sets aside reserve funds for health related technology, Asbestos Injury Trust Fund, the uninsured, The Land and Water Conservation Fund, the Federal Pell Grant Program, higher education, energy legislation, and the importation of prescription drugs (Secs. 301-308).