S Amdt 3258 - Temporary Farm Workers Amendment - National Key Vote

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Title: Temporary Farm Workers Amendment

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to adopt an amendment that would begin a federal job registry of temporary and seasonal jobs as well as a recommendation to create visas to allow more foreign workers into the United States for agricultural work.


  • Asks applicants to the federal job registry to include their name and address, availability, registries they want to be included on, their specific qualifications, and types of agricultural work they are willing to perform.
  • Allows the Secretary of Agriculture to remove the name of any registered worker who declines jobs or fails to report to work on 3 separate occasions within a 3-month period.
  • Requires the Secretary to disseminate information to the public about the registries.
  • Asks that an employer submit the nature and location of the work, the dates of employment, the number of job openings, the necessary qualifications, the wage, and the foreign country or region from which alien workers should be hired from
  • Requires employers to ensure the job opening is not because of a labor dispute.
  • Designates the Secretary to search the registry to find registered workers who meet the employer’s criteria.
  • Directs the Secretary to issue visas and the Attorney General to admit a sufficient number of eligible aliens to fill the job opportunities.
  • Requires the Secretary to begin a pilot program for the issuance of vouchers to United States workers who are referred to job opportunities.
  • Stipulates that the Attorney General will conduct a study on the departure of aliens from the United States after their authorized stay ends.