H Amdt 464 - Obstetric Fistula Amendment - National Key Vote

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Title: Obstetric Fistula Amendment

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to adopt an amendment that increases funds and activities for the prevention and treatment of obstetric fistula, a condition caused by obstructed childbirth for a prolonged period of time without adequate medical attention.


  • Calls for the creation of at least 12 new centers for the treatment and prevention of obstetric fistula in appropriate sites in developing nations with high rates of obstetric fistula, with an emphasis on nations in Africa.
  • Expands repair and rehabilitation services for women suffering from obstetric fistula, including improved access to facilities and qualified medical professionals, transportation assistance and post-surgery care.
  • Calls for increased preventative activities, including abstinence education, promoting the postponement of marriage and childbearing, and family planning services.