HB 1293 - Abortion Limitations - South Dakota Key Vote


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Title: Abortion Limitations

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

A vote to pass a bill that bans abortion except in cases of rape or incest.


- Classifies abortion as a Class 4 Felony [sec. 2]. - Allows abortions in cases of rape or incest or if necessary to save the pregnant woman's life [sec. 2(3)]. - Requires abortions to be performed within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy [sec. 2(3)(a)]. - Requires a police report of the rape or incest be made before the abortion is performed [sec. 2(3)(b)]. - Requires the physician to obtain a sample of DNA from the mother and the fetus/unborn child to give to authorities [sec. 2(3)(e)]. - Requires physicians who perform abortions to submit a report on the facts of the abortion to the Department of Health [sec 12]. - Refers the bill to the ballot in the 2008 election [sec 1].