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Title: Review of State Privatization Contracts

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that creates a privatization review committee to review plans to privatize state programs.


- Establishes a Privatization Review Committee to review state privatization contracts in excess of $10 million and to advise the governor regarding privatization plans [sec. 1 (ch. 28)(sec. 7)]. - Requires a state agency entering into a privatization contract to provide a privatization plan to the committee that includes detailed descriptions of the program being privatized and estimates of budget and administrative changes at least 60 days prior to implementation of the contract [sec. 9 (ch. 1.8)(sec. 10)(a)]. - Requires the Privatization Review Committee to hold a public hearing on a privatization contract no less than 30 days prior to its implementation [sec. 9 (ch. 1.8)(sec. 10)(b)]. - Mandates the commissioner of the Indiana department of administration to compile and make available to the public a bi-annual report on the cost/benefit analysis of each privatization contract [sec. 10 (d)].

Title: Review of State Privatization Contracts