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Title: Tennessee Tollway Act

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that authorizes the state to develop tolled roads and bridges.


- Authorizes the state Department of Transportation to develop and operate tolled roads and bridges with funds from the state highway fund (Sec. 5 (a,b)). - Forbids the levying of tolls on any roads or bridges constructed prior to the passage of this act (Sec. 5 (d)). - Establishes a “state tollway account" to finance toll projects to be funded by toll fees and other funds appropriated into it by the state (Sec. 7). - Limits the development of toll facilities to a pilot program consisting of one new highway and one new bridge, with a full report on these projects presented to the General Assembly for approval before any other toll facilities are developed (amdt 2). - Requires the state Department of Transportation to conduct public hearings prior to the start of any toll facility development project, including the pilot program (amdt 5).