HB 1107 - Energy Efficiency Requirements - Colorado Key Vote

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Title: Energy Efficiency Requirements

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that requires cooperative electric associations and municipal utilities serving 5,000 or more customers to devote at least one percent of its retail sales in 2009 and two percent in 2010 to cost-efficient energy efficiency programs.


- Authorizes utilities to use funds from other entities such as wholesale electric power providers and local and state governments to meet the spending requirements (Sec. 1). - Authorizes utilities to implement energy efficiency programs independently, in conjuncture with other utilities, by providing funding to the Governor's Energy Office to administer programs on its behalf, or a combination of all three (Sec. 1). - Authorizes utilities to exempt themselves from the spending requirements for one year if their retail electricity sales for that year fell three percent or more bellow their retail sales for the immediate preceding year (Sec. 1). - Requires utilities to issue a report on or before April 30, 2010 to the Governor's Energy Office, and every year thereafter, detailing their energy efficiency programs and the program expenditures as a fraction of retail sales revenue (Sec. 1).