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Title: State Administered Vehicle Emissions Testing

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Title: State Administered Vehicle Emissions Testing

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Vote to pass a bill that establishes a state administered vehicle inspection and maintenance program to control emissions in specific locations that have pollution rates that are nearing the limits established by the Environmental Protection Association (EPA).


- Implements the program in metropolitan areas where the airshed has an ambient concentration design value at or above 85 percent of the EPA's National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for the past three consecutive years. The design value is the concentration of pollution for a specific area that must be reduced to, or maintained at or below the NAAQS to be in compliance with EPA regulations [sec. 1 (1)]. - Limits the fee for the program to no more than $20 per vehicle [sec. 1 (2) (g)]. - Authorizes the Idaho Transportation Department to revoke the registration of any motor vehicle that has failed to comply with the inspection and maintenance program [sec. 1 (4)]. - Requires the director of the program to review the air quality data every five years and determine whether the program should be continued, modified, or terminated [sec. 1 (6)]. - Exempts electric or hybrid motor vehicles, new motor vehicles that are less than 5 years old, classic automobiles, motorized farm equipment, and motor vehicles used solely for the business of agriculture from the inspection and maintenance requirements established by this Act [sec. 1 (7)].

Title: State Administered Vehicle Emissions Testing

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