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Title: Electronic Gaming Machines

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that allows electronic gaming machines in gambling facilities and allows their use by individuals 21 years and older.


- Limits electronic gaming machine license to individuals or entities already licensed for wagering and requires the permit holder to conduct a full schedule of live races or games (sec. 4). - Imposes a 35 percent tax on electronic gaming machine revenue to be deposited into the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund [sec. 7(2)]. - Charges a licensing fee of $3 million to be used by the Department of Law Enforcement for investigations [sec 7(1)]. - Limits a licensed facility to 2,000 electronic gaming machines [sec. 14(1)]. - Requires the establishment to provide gambling addiction prevention material and post gambling helpline numbers (sec. 17). - Prohibits the following where the machines are located (sec. 19):

    - serving of complimentary or reduced-cost alcoholic beverages - making loans, providing credit, granting cash advancements, or cashing checks in order for an individual to play an electronic gaming machine - operation of an ATM
- Substitute offered by the Senate Committee on Finance and Tax.